Tuesday, 2 April 2013

Twitter for Educators: EOCCC Conference

Here is the presentation from the EOCCC Conference presentation on:

Twitter for Educators: Creating a Personal LearningNetwork (PLN)

Thanks for the opportunity to share this presentation with you. If you should have any questions or comments I am more than willing to try and help.

Remember, if you are brand new to Twitter, take baby steps. Follow a couple of people and see what they are reading and who they are following. Re-Tweet what you think is interesting and important and before you know it you will have your very own PLN!


Tim Slack


  1. Thanks for sharing your presentation here, Tim! I remember when I first started tweeting, and I was also encouraged to take "baby steps." This is what I did too, and this is what I've told others to do. It really wasn't until I started sharing more though that I saw the real power of Twitter.

    Now I'm wondering if people need to take bigger steps than "baby steps." How do you encourage people to share more regularly?


  2. This is a very good question. It is all about the comfort level as you are well aware. I just hope that people start to look at the chats that are going on and find one of interest. Then hopefully they realize that they have something to offer. Everyone does! What I would like to see next is teachers using it in the classroom with their students. Have a class account, link up with others in the Twittersphere and take advantage of all the great learning and resources out there.