Tuesday, 8 January 2013

Fish Naming Ceremony Turns into a Learning Experience

You never know what is going to happen when you try something new. 

Not too long ago I decided to buy another fish for my office. I don't know what happened. Usually I have a fish to start off the year, but this year my office space was totally fish-less. 

With fish ownership comes the great responsibility of naming the fish. Normally someone would choose a name for me. This time I decided on another approach.

I created a Google Forms survey:

What happened over the course of the week was totally unexpected. Students were talking about this survey  everywhere in the school. It be came a learning experience where I least expected it. Often, these are the best kinds of learning experiences.

I announced the survey on the Monday and told the students that they would have until Friday morning to submit their response for the fish.

Over the course of the week it was very interesting to see how the results were shaping up. Early on it was the primary students that were voting for their favourite choice: Mr. Bubbles. Once the Junior students got involved the results and the survey really began to take off. OK ........ the results were getting tampered with by our Junior students. This lead to some interesting conversations in the staffroom.

In the end:

  • 1652 votes were cast in a school with a population of 305
  • Sushi was the name that ended up finishing with the most votes
Learning Implications:
  • there were many opportunities for purposeful talk in class, at home and in the hallways and school yard
  • students were learning about Data Management and were interpreting information in a way that did not even seem like school work
  • students who were never exposed to google forms had the opportunity to use them from JK - Gr. 6
  • parents had the opportunity to get involved in this survey with their children
  • teachers in the classroom had the opportunity to use google forms. If they had never used them before it was a great opportunity for them to try something new.
A next step for myself is to use google form in a survey that will go out to parents on our website. I think this will be a great way to communicate with parents and to get a feel on what they are thinking on different topics that are important to our school.

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