Friday, 1 March 2013

The Vortex Known as the Lost and Found

The Lost and Found (LAF) has always been a little of a mystery to me I admit. Having some experience with this as a principal in an elementary school, I do know growing bludgeoning Lost and Founds. Never could I figure out how students could lose their hats, mits and other articles of clothing.

How could parents not keep track of their kids and their clothing?? Well.......

Since my second child has entered school I suddenly understand. Next year we are buying hats and mitts in bulk and keeping a spare pair in the trunk of the car. All the fancy stick on labels in the world cannot help us here. The Lost and Found is a vortex where many items are never found and are sucked into what I like to call the LAF Dimension.

Yesterday, the LAF Dimension actually came in handy. I could not believe it. The other morning there was a big snowstorm and we took a different vehicle to school. What I did not know was that my oldest left his mitts in the other vehicle and we did not figure this out until we got to his school.

In a split second it was decided to enter the LAF Dimension and rescue a pair of mitts for the day. Within seconds we had a matching pair from the overflowing mountain of articles.  At the end of the day the mitts were returned and words of thanks were whispered to the LAF Vortex.

Lesson learned: Sometimes the Lost and Found can indeed help you out.

To all the parents out there:

As a principal, this parent understands.