Tuesday, 23 October 2012

School Wide Halloween Learning Activity

Every now and them I try something like this out. Sometimes I think it is not often enough and other times I worry that teachers have so much to do in their classrooms that they do not want my 10 minutes activities. However, from feedback that I get they like to have these activities to do with their students at different times of the year.

Here is the activity that I have just posted for the school to work on: School Wide Pumpkin Activity

Some of the reasons that I think that they are important to do are:

  1. There are always curriculum connections that apply to each grade level.
  2. They build community within the school.
  3. It gets teachers talking about what they are going in their classrooms.
  4. The kids get excited and love to tell me about their learning experience around the task.
  5. It gets continues to get me involved in what learning is happening in the classrooms in the school.
If any other administrators do similar things I would love to hear about it and find out what your experiences are with these type of tasks. 

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